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Programmer Meets Programmer: How a Coffee Break Turned Into a Startup Story

Video Script

Once upon a time, there was a programmer named Alice who was known for her love of coffee and coding. One day, Alice decided she needed a break from her intense coding session on a new app she was developing called "SleepLess." Ironically, the app was designed to help people manage their sleep better.

To get her well-deserved break, Alice went to her favorite cafe, ordered a large coffee, and sat down with her laptop. Just as she was about to take her first sip, she noticed a guy sitting across from her struggling with his computer. Being helpful, she walked over and asked if he needed any assistance.

He explained that he couldn't get his WiFi to connect, no matter what he tried. Alice, with her quick problem-solving skills, took a look and immediately spotted the issue. "You're trying to connect to 'CafeExpresso' instead of 'CafeEspresso,'" she pointed out, emphasizing the "s."

The guy, embarrassed but grateful, thanked her. They got to talking and he revealed he was also a programmer, working on an app called "WorkMore," designed to enhance productivity. They laughed at the irony of their app names, given their current situations in the cafe, far from sleep and productivity.

Deciding to combine their coding powers, Alice and the guy made a pact to create a joint app that managed both sleep and productivity, humorously considering naming it "SleepAtWork." They spent the afternoon brainstorming and coding together, turning a simple coffee break into the start of a new project and a new friendship.

From then on, Alice always double-checked WiFi names, and the two programmers often met at the cafe to work on their app, much to the amusement of the baristas, who never got the names of their drinks wrong.

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