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What is best tips for improving your development skills?

Okay, let's face it, sometimes I can making easy projects let's say:

  • I can connect to API and making something funny or good enough
  • I can work with Databases and CRUD
  • I can do simple javascript and typescript functionality
  • I can do simple PHP blog.
  • I can do simple bash script
  • I can do simple python automation script to linux

But that all, when I try to create more harder things let's say some cryptographic algorithm or javascript game, or building a good full-scale react application, or creating full administration panel in angular, I get stuck and even can't find a way to do it.

How can I improve my development skills to do more complex and harder projects without any worry to stuck?

Leave a comment how you find the problem, let's help another developer who stuck too.

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Winston Sosa • Edited

👈 I'm also a freelancer with 5+ years of extensive experience.

I didn't hesitate to face new technologies, frameworks, and any kind of project in my career.
Because "Learning", it is very fun and exciting for me.

I want to say "Not to feel worry or any other bad feeling, while you are learning", because it means you are growing and becoming stronger.

Just enjoy learning new things. I think that's the way you can improve your development skills to do more complex and harder projects without any worry.

Just find the techs or programming languages that fit your habits, skills, and goals.
And learn and practice with passion.

I hope you become the guru in a soon time. 👏