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Mentor Matching β€” April 2024 🀝

This monthly series (mostly monthly... I missed March πŸ˜…) is dedicated to helping mentors and mentees connect with one another. 🀜πŸ’₯πŸ€›

The DEV Community is made up of a wide variety of developers who are at different points in their careers with separate skill sets and specialties. We're constantly sharing our experiences and learning together in public, so it feels natural to open up a space for mentors and potential mentees to meet & mingle, discuss what they're offering or hoping to get from mentorship, and plan their next steps.

Here's How It Works

Below, we'll offer some guidance for how to approach this thread from both a mentor's and a mentee's perspective.

Guidance for Mentors 🍎

If you're a mentor and plan on using this thread to talk about your experience and what you can provide mentorship-wise, you've come to the right place. Also, thank you... we appreciate you offering to help others in our community!

NOTE: If you're offering a paid-for service, we ask that you please be upfront about that in your message.

We recommend sharing a message about yourself that includes the following:

  1. Your experience as a developer and as a mentor. If it's your first time offering mentorship, that's okay; please just be honest.
  2. What you're able to offer. For example: share your preferred method of communication and how much estimated time you can provide on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
  3. Why you're doing this. Perhaps you remember being a beginner and would like to help someone out. Maybe you run a supportive Discord channel. Or, maybe it's part of your career in DevRel.
  4. How folks can connect with you. You could provide contact details, point to your website, link to your socials/Discord channel/etc. β€” just give folks a way to get in touch.

Guidance for Mentees ✨

Thanks for coming here to find a mentor and/or to put yourself out there as a potential mentee. We hope that this thread helps to connect you with somebody or group of folks in the DEV Community who can offer you guidance and assistance via mentorship.

NOTE: We do not endorse every person who lists themselves as a mentor in this thread. Remember, this is an open thread, so please be cautious about sharing your personal details. If you see someone whose behavior or services seem suspicious, please don't hesitate to report them to us.

We recommend responding to a mentor who has let a message below and/or sharing a message about yourself that includes the following:

  1. Your current experience level as a developer. If you're just beginning and/or in early learning stages, that's absolutely okay!
  2. What your personal goals are. These can be long-term and aspirational, e.g. I want to become a professional web developer. They can also be more short-term and specific, e.g. I want to learn best practices for naming models in Ruby.
  3. What your personal commitment looks like. Can you meet up multiple times a week, once a week, once a month? Are you full-time job searching or currently working somewhere else? How much time do you expect to spend on this?
  4. How folks can connect with you. You could let a mentor know that you plan on contacting them. And/or you could provide contact details, point to your website, socials, etc.

Match on 🀝

We see a close-up of Snow White giving a high five and a bunch of small arms, apparently the dwarves, pop up and give her a high five.

Alright, now that y'all know how this works, feel free to drop your details below and let folks get to know you!

Top comments (15)

schalkneethling profile image
Schalk Neethling • Edited

πŸ‘‹ Heya! I have been making things on the web for around 15 years now. Through my involvement in the open source world and working on the MDN Web Docs project, I have learned how important and powerful it is to support others.

About two years ago I started a community called the Mycelium Network community specifically focused on helping junior (early-stage) web developers learn, network, contribute to open source, tell their stories on the Mycelium Network podcast, and hopefully help folks find their first opportunity in tech.

My availability varies but I always do what I can to support people through coffee chats, connecting them with peers, code reviews, sharing job opportunities, learning material, or helping people make their first contribution to open source.

Checkout the podcast here. If you would like to be on the podcast, let me know.

Join the community on either Slack or Discord. I would love to learn how I can help you.

ephygtz profile image

Hi Schalk, glad to connect. I'm Ephraim, from Nairobi, Kenya. I want to start contributing to open source but I feel like I'm stuck in a rut, not sure where to start from, what kind of projects to look into contributing to, and maybe a bit of second-guessing if I'm realy ready to contribute. Would love to pick your mind on how best to get started, and any pointers in the right direction.
PS: Enjoying the mycelium podcast :-)

schalkneethling profile image
Schalk Neethling

Happy to help! Feel free to join either on Discord or Slack and we can discuss further there. I am also going to be doing some regular live streams where I contribute to open source. The idea is not really to watch me (although you are welcome to πŸ˜ƒ), but to have me as a co-contributor working along side you on some open source.

Here is the one happening today:

cipivlad profile image

Hi Schalk!
My name is Cipi and I'm an aspiring webdev from Germany on my way to become professional and would be glad to learn from you. I would be thankful for some code reviews and general advice on job opportunities.
Today I listened to your podcast
and I was really motivated to continue my journey.
I will join your discord for sure.
I'm excited to join your recommended happening :)


schalkneethling profile image
Schalk Neethling

Wow! Welcome to the community. Both Mycelium Network and the wider developer community. I will be happy to help wherever I can. I look forward to learning more about you and your journey!

schalkneethling profile image
Schalk Neethling

By the way, if there are mentors who would like to join this community, that would be super!!

balagmadhu profile image
Bala Madhusoodhanan

Heya !!

With 18 years of experience in software development, I’ve learned and developed my skills in creating and managing data-centric supply chain applications. My journey has now led me to explore the realms of Artificial Intelligence and Low-code platforms. I firmly believe in the quote, β€œThe best way to learn is to teach,” which has inspired me to contribute to the community through technical articles, practical tips, and reflections on philosophical themes.

Preferred Communication Methods:

Email and video calls are my go-to channels for communication.
If you’re local, I’d be delighted to meet over coffee and discuss our projects in person.
Connecting with Me:

Feel free to check out my portfolio for a glimpse of my work.
Let’s connect on LinkedIn to engage in enriching professional exchanges.

I’m excited to share my knowledge and learn from others through this mentorship program. Looking forward to connecting!

prakirth profile image
Prakirth Govardhanam

Hello Bala. I’m an aspiring software developer, currently working my way through self-learning and projects. I would be delighted to have your acquaintance and guidance.
Correct me if I am wrong, based on your background I understand that you are a generalist with wider approach and understanding towards problem solving, right?

phalkmin profile image
Paulo Henrique

Cool, it's TIME!

master roshi

I have worked with IT for at least 24 years, and with the internet and social media for the last 15 years, mostly with WordPress as a tool and Open Source as a philosophy. I have written a book, given lectures and courses at various events throughout Brazil, and for some years I have been known as an active tech blogger in Brazil. And there's more, but you can see in my Portfolio.

Honestly, it would be my first time mentoring someone online, but for some years I guided interns and juniors in the agencies where I've worked, giving tips and helping them get the hang of the job. I'm also willing to adapt and learn as I go.

Extra Info

  • Experience in media agencies and startups since 2008;
  • Experience working for digital agencies since 2019;
  • Experience in writing;

What I'm able to offer (all paid)

  • Career Advice;
  • Resume Review;
  • Code and Project Analysis;
  • Help Improving Writing and Documentation Skills;
  • Professional Mentoring for projects;
  • Consultation on something else that you want, like Linux management and scaling, WordPress development, etc.;

Preferred method of communication:

Email and video call. If you are from my city, we can share a coffee and talk about projects.


It depends on what you need you my help for, and how much you need it, but probably weekly

Why you're doing this

There are lots of things that I had to learn the hard way. I think my experiences can be helpful to the new generation.

How folks can connect with you.

You can go to my (in need of an update, I know) portfolio, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington
rachelfazio profile image
Rachel Fazio

Finally! So excited for y'all.

colmduff profile image
Colm Duffy

Howdy folks,

I think finding a mentor who is interested in further the development of open source land use change and environmental impact software would be great.

My doctorate is in climate change and agriculture and I have developed a few python packages we have used for research studies.

But, I have never had software development mentorship, and that is largely where the work is at the moment.

I have been working with python for a good number of years now. But, I am am largely self taught and would very much benefit from some insight and ideas from someone who knows more than me.

If anyone feels like taking on that challenge, get in touch!

My LinkedIn, looking forward to hearing from you.

rboopdboop profile image

I am currently learning JavaScript, and plan on finishing the course I am currently learning it on in the next 6 months if possible.

I have HTML, CSS, MySQL and SQL under my belt currently. I've been learning coding for around a year now.

I have had two IT Analyst jobs (currently in one) and plan on moving to a more coding/programming related job very soon.

I want to achieve my goals very quickly (this is a problem I'm working on πŸ˜…πŸ˜…) but I genuinely love coding so much and I have so many ideas on what to make in terms of web pages and programs but just need the tools πŸ˜…

I would love a mentor to keep me on track and drop me some tips and inspiration where needed, if anyone would be free ☺️

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

For anyone who is interested in working on their public speaking abilities, I recommend checking out the following post that @bekahhw shared on behalf of Virtual Coffee.

I realize April is kinda wrapping up, so I may be a little late with this suggestion, but regardless, I wanna give it a mention because if anyone here is looking for a mentor, you might consider joining up with the Virtual Coffee group. It's a casual group open to all devs and they regularly meet up to have conversations during the week. They're just a really cool, helpful, kind group of folks!

bart97coder profile image

Intresting post