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Storage Types

Let's discuss about different types of storages.

Block storage:

A file will be divided into set of blocks while persisting in Block storage. File is not stored in continuous or adjacent blocks of the disk. Since each block has an unique identifier, we could retrieve specific blocks of file instead of all blocks .ie. entire file. A conditional SQL select query has to fetch specific data instead of entire data which makes this type of storage ideal for Relational Database.

File storage:

Familiar storage type for all developers, which any operating systems store data in hierarchical file systems organized as directories, sub-directories and files.

Object storage:

Follows flat structure instead of hierarchical structure used in file storage. Here's data is called an object that is located in bucket. Prefixes are used to group objects like folder structure but in reality, this is still a flat structure.

Well, Amazon S3 is an Object storage service. Let's discuss more in detail in forthcoming blogs.

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