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Amazon S3 - Scaling

Amazon S3 Performance Optimization

S3 Bucket Prefixes - Scale for high request rates. Amazon S3 supports up to 3,500 PUT/POST/DELETE and 5,500 GET transactions per second (TPS) per partitioned prefix.

Insurance-bucket/Auto = 3,500 PUT/POST/DELETE and 5,500 GET TPS.

Insurance-bucket/Life = 3,500 PUT/POST/DELETE and 5,500 GET TPS.

If request to the prefix exceed the supported request rate would result in HTTP 503 errors.

Avoid date based prefixes as that might result in exceeding request rate while the business grows per day basis.

Scaling connections horizontally:

S3 is a large-scale distributed system. So we can make parallel requests. No limits on number of connections made to a bucket Write/retrieve data from S3 in parallel using multipart uploads.

Use Amazon CloudFront:

Browser ->>> CF->>> S3

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