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Amazon S3 Security

Amazon S3 Bucket accessible only to user who created or account owner. How to grant access to other users?. Follow any one the methods below:


Create user and manage access to buckets/objects.
Contains permission for other than S3 as well.

Bucket policy (resource policy):

Using tags/prefixes configure permissions to all / set of objects. This must have principal.

Pre-signed URLs:

Grant time-limited access with temp URLs

ACL (resource policy):

This makes individual object accessible to users. This is Legacy, use bucket policies/IAM policies.

Block Public Access:

By default, any bucket created has "block all" public access.

Amazon S3 Object Ownership

Object usually owned by the account or user that uploaded it ("Bucket owner"). If other AWS account uploads an object then only that account is the owner. To overcome this, use "Amazon S3 Object Ownership" option.("Bucket owner preferred").

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

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