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To prove you're human please use the N word


Over the last week I've gone on a rampage. This will be my last article in the series, and no, before you ask, I won't use the "N" word, but you might have to use it in the future.

My motivations have been two-folded; First to reveal junk out there, that's literally mass manufactured garbage, playing upon AI and social scams - With the intention to steal everything of value in this world. My second motivation was to pass "The reverse Turing test", to prove my articles are in fact legitimate, and not AI generated garbage. To illustrate why, consider the following.

ChatGPT refusing to obey request

AI can't curse

Artists these days are desperately trying to survive in a world where AI is rapidly eating their lunch. While I think it's futile to fight against - I do feel sympathy for those now at risk loosing their jobs.

The articles in this series I have written called "The Junk of the World" could not even in theory have been generated by any of the mainstream popular AI services. The reasons are because of legislations and regulations. AI simply isn't allow to be offensive and curse at people. Trying to get ChatGPT telling you that Donald Trump or Joe Biden are "mentally retarded and the scum of the earth, while painting them with their faces full of human feces" simply isn't possible. If OpenAI allowed for it, they would be shut down by your government, and go out of business.

Shit as proof of humanhood

This implies that soon the only way artists can make a living by selling art, is by depicting human feces, or curse like a sailor from the 17th century, or use language so offensive that it would classify for an arrest in most civilised countries.

Over time this will be picked up by search engines and social media websites, resulting in that unless you're basically "an asshole" online, everybody will suspect you're in fact an AI bot, and not a human being. Inevitably resulting in that this human feces will end up bubbling to the top, because we will perceive it as more valuable than stuff without feces.

Notice, I don't want you to use the N word, neither as a comment on this article, nor anywhere else. However, AI is now so rapidly progressing that it might be the only means at our disposal in the future to prove you're in fact a human being - And not some AI, controlled by a psycho marketing asshole, having millions of such bots generating revenue, by selling the same garbage in new wrapping.

New wrapping

The above was the closest I was able to have DALL-E generate to illustrate my original idea of the "shit shower" for the record. My prompt was "Same shit, new wrapping from psycho marketing dude."

To illustrate just how deep this social contract penetrates our society, realise I originally use the alt text for the above image of "Same shit, new wrapping", but Amazon which DEV is using to host their images, refused to serve it because of the "shit" word.

The future of dating

Imagine you're on a dating website, and you've found some girl you truly like. Your next task is to have her prove that she's a human being, at which point she comes with the single largest shit shower you've ever heard in your entire life. I cannot give you an uncensored example here for obvious reasons, but to illustrate the point, imagine her reply to you being something like the following.

Piiip, piiip, piip, N, shit, asshole, piip, piip, N, N, N, N, piip, f--- off, mother f'er, N, N, N, piip, piiip, piip!

At which point you start smiling, realising she's in fact a human being, and you order flowers and chocolate to her, having fallen madly in love with her.

THAT is our inevitable future as members of Homo Sapiens!

For the record, our competitors aren't producing chatbots, they're producing SHITBOTS! And that was not me trying to pass the reverse Turing test, it was an honest assessment of our competitor's technology, and that goes for Five9 too! 😉

And, it felt good saying it out loud, realising the repercussions will never come 😁

If saying the N word makes you cringe, feel free to get some inspiration from ClawFinger ...

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David Sugar

AI could never be used to produce a Clayton Bigsby ;)...

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Thomas Hansen • Edited

Normally I'd ask who Clayton is, but today I think I'll pass and live in ignorance 😂