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HumanPal and HumanBot - The Junkware of AI tech

There are few companies exemplifying the process of how to sell garbage better than HumanPal, AKA HumanBot. I don't want to pollute my DEV profile with a direct link to them, but you can probably find them rapidly, if Google haven't (yet) deleted them from their search index.

How it works

These companies will use an army of bots and people from 3rd world countries. They pay in crypto, for liking, sharing, and commenting on their social media ads and shared posts.

The point being that a single human being can manage 100+ social media profiles, and such add thousands of likes per day, and 1,000+ comments on their crap. Below you can see an example of how I was offered such a job myself a couple of days ago.

The Junkware process

Personally I would rather starve myself to death of course than to accept "working for their client".

Desperate people in 3rd world countries however will of course accept such opportunities, and in the process help Human Pal spread their garbage across the entire world. Below is a YouTube video where I illustrate how it works.

However, if you look at their actual comments, the picture rapidly becomes a lot different.

True valuation

Social proof as a pump and dump scheme

The point being that when people see something with 8,000 likes, 2,000 comments, and 1,000 shares, they tend to think of this as "social proof", not realising it's just mindless robots and 3rd world citizen, being paid in crypto, if they're being paid at all, and such taken advantage of to litter the world with junkware.

They are basically exploiting 3rd world citizen to litter the western hemisphere with garbage!

HumanPal and HumanBot is based out of Canada. Their address is 980 Fraser Drive, Suite 209, Burlington ON L7L 5P5, Canada. Their business model is arguably to fill the world with garbage, painting it up as legitimate products, by exploiting 3rd world citizen, and such play upon social media algorithms and the human psyche, to sell garbage as if it was actual value. The idea being that "8,000 likes cannot possibly be wrong, right?"

When the facts of the matter is that there are actually only 5 likes, and they're all angry likes from people having been scammed into purchasing this garbage, and giving HumanBot their money, for what is ipso facto nothing.

From HumanBot the equation is pretty simple. They spend 25% of their budget on ads, 25% of their budget on hiring 3rd world citizen, and 0.25% of their budget on product development, resulting in that they can move garbage with a net ROI of 50% per year. If you look at their landing page, it looks like some bastardized combination of an MLM scheme from the late 90s and a crypto-based NFT scam. Obviously these are crypto scammers, turned into AI scammer after ChatGPT went viral, playing upon FOMO to literally steal your money.

The problem

The problem with this is the same as the problem of normal littering. If you take a walk in our beautiful nature and you see litter all over the place, you become angry and it becomes more difficult for you to appreciate the real beauty of the world. This is true for a public park, and this is true for the world wide web.

It is therefor our duty to clean the world of this garbage, and remove it with whatever means we have at our disposal.

If you see such scams, please report them as misleading ads or scams, because in the end, that's what they are. And not only do they create pollution, but they also suffocate real products by making it more difficult to be noticed if you're providing actual real value to the world.

We've got an AI chatbot product - However, most people having tried similar AI chatbots believe they're all scams, because of garbage companies such as Human Pal and Human Bot, selling garbage products, to ignorant idiots in the west, based upon falsified social proof, that are basically the modern equivalent of MLM scams.

Report them everywhere you find them, and click delete on them. That way you help us clean up the world from garbage, while doing yourself a favour in the process.

But the first step is to admit we've got a problem. And to admit it, implies outing them for the garbage they are, everywhere we can, until we've cleansed the world of these parasitic garbage vendors, such that they can no longer get the light of day.

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David Sugar

This reminds me of my "proposal" (it was to be a short story, actually) for "Natural Minds"; taking undamaged dead human brains and rebooting them in a nutrient vat (this has been done with pig brains to a very limited extent), hooking them up to something like a neuralink, and offering their use in a chat box as "Natural Intelligence" on the Internet. As I noted somewhere in the summery, the cool thing is that the dead have no surviving legal rights anymore even in their own minds... This idea, really for a horror story, actually grabbed a VC's beating heart as a possible unicorn! That could have been my one success with the SV VC community!

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Thomas Hansen

Hehehe, I'm not sure if I'm more scared by the prospect of somebody reanimating me post mortem, or more thrilled by the idea of reanimating the junkware spreaders post mortem, to provide them with some karma because of their deeds ...