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Each week, thousands of new people join the DEV Community. These are programmers of all backgrounds and experience levels, from all around the world.

Many of these folks choose to introduce themselves in a "Welcome Thread" posted by the DEV Staff account. It's a great place to say say hello, meet other community members, and to ensure that everyone feels welcome here on DEV.

If you'd like to be notified of new posts in that thread, consider "subscribing" to notifications. Simply click ... in the post sidebar and choose the option to be notified of "Top Level Comments"

example of option to subscribe to a thread

That way, you'll get a notification whenever a new person introduces themselves. If at any point you want to disable the notification, just go back into the same area and choose "unsubscribe."

I hope this tip encourages you to welcome new users, and also helps inform you of the comment-subscription functionality here on dev.to.

You can find the latest Welcome thread here:

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Great Tip! Will do:0) Love the Forest Gump Gif...makes me laugh every time!😂😂