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Interview with Kareem Ebrahim, creator of TableX

Welcome to the 8th and final episode of Season 1 of our series “Building with Tauri”, where we chat with developers who build amazing projects and products using Tauri.

In this episode, Eleftheria discusses with Kareem Ebrahim, TableX’s creator:

  • How he started

  • What is TableX and how does it differ from other tools?

  • Working solo and tech stack

  • Challenges and the DevTools

  • Upcoming features and goals

In the following video, Kareem shows us in detail TableX:

Table viewer for modern developers. Database browsing experience like never before - TableX

Find Out More 🔗

  • Learn more about TableX here.

  • Find Kareem on LinkedIn.

  • We also discussed DevTools. Gain insight into your Tauri apps for free!

Have you built something cool with Tauri? Ping Eleftheria (username: eleftheria_b) on Discord to schedule your interview! This is your chance to demonstrate your product to a community of thousands of developers. 😏

Author: @eleftheriabatsou, community manager at @crabnebuladev

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