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DEV Team Update

Earlier today, we held a company All Hands meeting where we shared that we’d be saying goodbye to a portion of our team in the form of layoffs. As an organization built around the principle of serving our community here at DEV, we wanted to provide all of you with a quick overview of the factors that played into that decision and a preview of changes you can expect in the coming days and months.

Over the past few months, we’ve closely followed the changing economic conditions impacting the tech industry. These are turbulent and uncertain times for companies at our stage, and we decided that we needed to take active steps in order to shore up our operations and ensure our long term sustainability. Our highest commitment will always be serving the community, and we’re taking these hard steps in order to ensure we can continue upholding that promise.

We’re parting ways with an absolutely amazing group of friends, teammates, and contributors who have been instrumental to the DEV and Forem journey. Each of these individuals will forever be an important part of our story. Both in cultivating the community here on DEV, along with our longer-term mission of providing free and open source building blocks for creating safe, modern, and independent communities with Forem.

As part of this change, we will be redoubling our focus on serving the community here on DEV and on our sister community, CodeNewbie. You can expect significant improvements to the core elements of the member experience, and a renewed emphasis on ensuring DEV and CodeNewbie serve as valuable and constructive destinations in the developer ecosystem.

If you are hiring for roles across Engineering, (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Cloud hosting), Design, and/or Podcast Production, please reach out to I’d love to help put you in touch with some wonderful people — I know that each one of them is going to be an extremely valued contributor wherever they join next.

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Ben Halpern

Anyone would be lucky to have these high integrity, highly skilled folks as colleagues. Please consider reaching out if your org is hiring.

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Cassidy Williams

I'm so sad to hear this. If there's any other routes we can take to share that these folks might be looking, please let us know!

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Jess Lee

Hey @cassidoo, I'll be sure to reach out to you -- we are compiling a list of folks who opt-in to job search support so I'd love to share their profiles with you when we are ready. Thank you.

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R.J. Robinson

DM me

sylwiavargas profile image
Sylwia Vargas

Ah so sad. I hope everyone finds a new lovely team soon!

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Paweł Ludwiczak

Oh, Peter... 🤦‍♂️

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Andy Piper

Wanted to share my sadness, and also my appreciation, for the folks affected by this news. Best wishes to all.

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Amara Graham

This is sad to hear. I’m not currently hiring but my ears are always open for opportunities for folks.

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great sympathies for those affected and glad that the Dev team is taking action to double down on the things that are working. Many folks going thru tough times and I am optimistic that you will come out of this stronger and better!

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Tough times! Big shout-out to the people involved.

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Alvaro Montoro


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Best of luck, guys!

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Thomas Bnt

owh :c

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Guilherme Thomas


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Islam Ibrakhimzhanov

Иногда приходится чем то жертвовать чтобы лучше было нашим поколениям. Мне очень грустно, что так вышло. Я так же понимаю руководство Dev, что это крайне важное решение чтобы держаться на плаву. Ребятам желаю найти работу своей мечты и не грустит. Всегда за что-то плохим, наступает хорошее. Держу кулак за вас!

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Chris Jarvis


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@lukeocodes 🕹👨‍💻

Sorry to hear this <3

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Dennis Tobar


panditapan profile image


that is quite sad! I wish them lots of luck, success and that their job search is short.

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T "@tnir" N

Sorry for that.

I want to express thank you to all reviewers I made to Forem at ❤️

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Jordan Gregory


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Atul Prajapati

That's good, improvement is future :)

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You handled this gracefully, hopefully this is for the best

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Daniel Valdivieso

My company is growing and in need of filling several backend/frontend positions, might be able to help some people. Just ping me if you desire so

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Drew Bragg

My company, Within3, is hiring Rails engineers. I'd love to have a chat with any Rails engineers you're laying off at DEV. I'll definitely reach out.

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noah Ren


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It was a good gig

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Werner Morgenstern

Sorry to hear this. I have been there two years ago. I hope it will be a short time before everybody affected will find a new opportunity

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Darlene Rivera


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Shweta Kale

that is sad! Hope they would find a good company soon...