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Update on ✨Ramen 🍜✨ A new JavaScript Framework!

Brief about what it is:
You can read the first Article I wrote about Ramen if you want to, But basically it's a framework which I'm working on for making backend APIs. And for now I'm just trying to re-write the Express.js code.

So in the past few hours I've achieved a lot of new developments in the codebase which are mentioned below


  • [ x ] Initialize the project
  • [ x ] Create a request class
  • [ x ] Create a server class
  • [ x ] add a test file
  • [ x ] Create a response class
  • [ x ] Create a middleware system
  • [ x ] Add query parameters
  • [ x ] add respond features in the response class


  • [ ] plan future features
  • [ ] think about database connectivity

so basically I was able to add the request object, the response object and a lot of different stuff. So basically you can now go to the url http://ip:addr/foo/bar and if you have a route defined as /foo/:x you can get the value of x via Request.params.x, And not just this You can also get the query parameters which means You can go to /foo/bar?a=b in this case the route parameter x is bar and the query parameter a is b. And you can also write responses with different status codes!
From that I mean you can just do Response.write({'Error': 'Auth failed 💔'}, 401) and it will send a response to the corresponding request with a status code of 401 and a json data of the following. And it automatically detects the type of data you are trying to send, Which means that you can do Response.write('<h4>Hey my Content-Type is "text/html"</h4>', 200) and it will send a text/html type response with a status code of 200 (which if you don't specify it's going to fallback to 200 anyways.)

Now the future plans If I think can be the following

  • Adding cookies
  • Adding a view engine
  • Sending file type responses

Although I'm still trying to figure out what else am I supposed to add. Let me know in the comments below for what are the different stuffs I'm supposed to add to this framework!

And until further post here's a cute cat for you :3
cute cat :3

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This is amazing. Might switch to it later when it gets more features.

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Baraa Al Saqqa

Greate 💪

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