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Planning a new JavaScript Framework

Current Status of Ramen🍜

So as of Right now, Ramen is able to do a lot of cool stuffs such as getting cookies, setting cookies with different sort of options, going to a specific route and being able to get all the query parameters, being able to get all the data passed on from the request and a lot of different stuffs.

We also have some socials now!!
Twitter: @RamenJs
Notion: This can act as a documentation / announcement board

Future plans

  1. One of the Ideas is Being able to connect to different databases and manipulate them should be built-in rather than installing different types of ORMs for Different Databases and this is something which I will work on. I definitely have to do a lot of research before getting on to it!

  2. Adding different examples in the codebase, with the current state of ramen I think we should be able to implement a lot of different complex examples such as Authentication, Authorization and a lot of different stuffs.

  3. Add tests and convert the codebase to TypeScript, So when I started this project I thought that I should write this all in plain JavaScript. But, as people recommended I will switch the codebase to typescript

  4. Add Routers which can be passed on to the append function just like express have it. It is very helpful and can help developers to split their code and routes in different files and folders.

  5. Think about View engines like EJS and others

So that is it for the development of Ramen for now, I'll update you guys on any further developments on Ramen :D

Until then here's another cute cat gif :3
cat gif :3

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raibtoffoletto profile image
Raí B. Toffoletto

It's super interesting to read all accomplishments you've achieved so far !! Kudos 🎉

But if I can advise you in something... don't go into database stuff... it's a huge mess, you need to account for uniqueness for each driver and in case of RDMSs, SQL can look like a standard language but is NOT.... every db has it's own dialect and an ORM need to account for all of that. And even then people have a looot of options on DBs... so I'd leave up to the developer to choose what they want to use 😉 (of course, GO THERE for academic purpose!)

ohayouarmaan profile image
Armaan Gupta

Yeah a lot of people said the same. And after that I thought that I shouldn't add ORM in ramen just right away It was kind of me doing impulsive overthinking

michthebrandofficial profile image

I too am creating my own front-end library and this post is really inspiring me to go on with it because writing one is not easy at all. Thanks, man and keep up the good work.

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Emmanuel Oni

This is pretty cool!!!
I love seeing developers working on projects like this.
I'm guessing ramen is usable rn?
I wrote a custom frontend framework, I'm testing with express and koa
I'd like to try this too

ohayouarmaan profile image
Armaan Gupta

Yeah sure! Let's connect via Twitter :)

roddysings profile image
Emmanuel Oni

Sure ;)
It's always great to meet friendly developers
I forget my twitter username

pierrewahlberg profile image
Pierre Vahlberg

Cool to read this! Definitely think this is useful to understand what implications you choose to live with when selecting a framework, or how to choose them if you work commersially 😊👍 I would recommend you to look at NestJS which does a looot of stuff and solves about the same issues you face. Its in typescript and their modular thinking along with heavy use of typescript decorators makes code really clean and easy to follow (once you know the concepts that is). Could be a good souce of inspiration for your next features 😊🙏

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alexigbokwe profile image
Alex Igbokwe

Nice one 👍🏾, you can check out ExpressWebjs, it’s a nice framework for building secured, structured and scalable backend services in Nodejs

louiemartin profile image
LouieMartin • Edited

This is pretty cool,
I'm working on a programming language and an AI to play board games,
so I might not be able to try this but nice start.