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TYPESCRIPT IN RAMEN (Making a new Javascript Framework)!!

Thanks to wonderful community I was able to add typescript in ramen, It was already in one of our todos and now the whole codebase is written in typescript! and not just that ramen now also have 1 example of Authentication which proves that ramen can be used in a lot of different scenarios, You can save / read cookies and do a lot of more stuffs. I'm pretty happy with the progress which I'm making in ramen Although I would love any pull request from the community members if they want to help, Since I'm just a beginner in Typescript concepts. But yeah! This is turning out to be way better than what I actually expected. I would love to know more and more stuffs which I can add in this framework, Let me know in the comments maybe? I don't really know but yeah whatever :3

Future Plans:

  • Add file uploads and downloads
  • plan other stuffs hehe I don't what else am I supposed to add

Keep up the good work Armaan! :D

cat happee :)

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