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Wederson Cabral Domingues
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Diary - Building my own social midia - Picking the tech stack - 3/X


I decide to create this post series as a dairy of my creating my own App journey.

I'm not a expert on web or mobile development,(I work as a BI Consultant by the way) I just love programming and discover how the things works, So be worried that this isn't a 'HOW TO' post.

I just decided write this post because I'm having problems to sleep 🥲,

The tech stack.

This is one of the most important steps at an project and some decisions madded here could cause severally problems on the future.

But we will just ignore that and choose the easiest way of having the things done. Why? Because it is a POC!! Our objective is just test the idea adherence.

Points to considerate:

  • I'm not a software engineer expert;
  • I hate heavy frameworks, I like to keep the things simple;
  • The best options would be creating a app, but looks really harder then just build a website;
  • Everything must be free(Because I'm poor).

Based on all this points I decided for using the following technologies:

Restful API:

  • Mustasch Template;
  • _hyperscripy;
  • NodeJS with Express;

Data API:

  • NodeJS with Express.

Data Base:

  • MongoDB.

Maybe their is the worst tech stack ever? Maybe but it's keep everything simple and let me focus on the really villain: the problem.

Now let's code it \o/.

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