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Wederson Cabral Domingues
Wederson Cabral Domingues

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Dairy - Building my own social mídia - The Idea - 1/X


I decide to create this post series as a dairy of my creating my own App journey.

I'm not a expert on web or mobile development,(I work as a BI Consultant by the way) I just love programming and discover how the things works, So be worried that this isn't a 'HOW TO' post.

I just decided write this post because I'm having problems to sleep 🥲,

The Idea

I really love rating and track everything. I'm the kind of guy that always ask for a '1 to 5' score after seen a movie with my friends.

In this days we already have apps to rate and track movies, books, places and etc,

The problem is that I didn't find a place where I could rate everything.

Like movies, books, my lastest English class, even rate my mom dinner(Always 3, she hate cooks and we can feel that on the food 🫠) and etc.

So.. why having 5 apps accounts or making hard to track Facebook posts when I could have everything on one app?

And was with this though that Judging Seal project starts.

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