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Dairy - Building my own social midia - Validating the Idea 2/X


I decide to create this post series as a dairy of my creating my own App journey.

I'm not a expert on web or mobile development,(I work as a BI Consultant by the way) I just love programming and discover how the things works, So be worried that this isn't a 'HOW TO' post.

I just decided write this post because I'm having problems to sleep 🥲,

Validating the idea

The first step on creating a new app is validate the idea. It is important know if the app would be useful for more people or just solve a personal problem.

The easier way of validating my idea was asking for friends and family opinions.. but.. no one.. like it 🫠🫠.

I searched for similar apps and I had founded projects like letterbox, good reads and even Google Maps place ratting. That means there are people like me that like to rate things and share their thoughts.. so.. ok there is a public to be explored.

In the worst case I would learn more about creating a real app and publish it to use as a personal dairy or something like that.. so why not?

Image description

What should I do first?

After decided keep going with the project, I faced my first problem: what should I do first? and the awnser was: making the POC (-:.

The goal was create the minium necessary functionalities to test if the app would be something that is useful(at least for me) or would be a boarding app to open 3 times and forget in the phone basement.

The first feature list was:

  • Enable user rate something from 1 to 5;
  • Enable user append hashtags on it;
  • Enable user to write a short description;
  • Store the rated thing on a data base;
  • Show the list of rated things.

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