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Extractive QA with txtai

davidmezzetti profile image David Mezzetti ・2 min read

This article is part of a tutorial series on txtai, an AI-powered search engine.

In Parts 1 through 4, we gave a general overview of txtai, the backing technology and examples of how to use it for similarity searches. This article builds on that and extends to building extractive question-answering systems.

Install dependencies

Install txtai and all dependencies.

pip install txtai
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Create an Embeddings and Extractor instances

The Embeddings instance is the main entrypoint for txtai. An Embeddings instance defines the method used to tokenize and convert a segment of text into an embeddings vector.

The Extractor instance is the entrypoint for extractive question-answering.

Both the Embeddings and Extractor instances take a path to a transformer model. Any model on the Hugging Face model hub can be used in place of the models below.

from txtai.embeddings import Embeddings
from txtai.extractor import Extractor

# Create embeddings model, backed by sentence-transformers & transformers
embeddings = Embeddings({"method": "transformers", "path": "sentence-transformers/bert-base-nli-mean-tokens"})

# Create extractor instance
extractor = Extractor(embeddings, "distilbert-base-cased-distilled-squad")
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data = ["Giants hit 3 HRs to down Dodgers",
        "Giants 5 Dodgers 4 final",
        "Dodgers drop Game 2 against the Giants, 5-4",
        "Blue Jays 2 Red Sox 1 final",
        "Red Sox lost to the Blue Jays, 2-1",
        "Blue Jays at Red Sox is over. Score: 2-1",
        "Phillies win over the Braves, 5-0",
        "Phillies 5 Braves 0 final",
        "Final: Braves lose to the Phillies in the series opener, 5-0",
        "Final score: Flyers 4 Lightning 1",
        "Flyers 4 Lightning 1 final",
        "Flyers win 4-1"]

questions = ["What team won the game?", "What was score?"]

execute = lambda query: extractor([(question, query, question, False) for question in questions], data)

for query in ["Red Sox - Blue Jays", "Phillies - Braves", "Dodgers - Giants", "Flyers - Lightning"]:
    print("----", query, "----")
    for answer in execute(query):

# Ad-hoc questions
question = "What hockey team won?"

print("----", question, "----")
print(extractor([(question, question, question, False)], data))
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---- Red Sox - Blue Jays ----
('What team won the game?', 'Blue Jays')
('What was score?', '2-1')

---- Phillies - Braves ----
('What team won the game?', 'Phillies')
('What was score?', '5-0')

--------- Dodgers - Giants ----
('What team won the game?', 'Giants')
('What was score?', '5-4')

--------- Flyers - Lightning ----
('What team won the game?', 'Flyers')
('What was score?', '4-1')

--------- What hockey team won? ----
[('What hockey team won?', 'Flyers')]
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