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Web Component Boilerplates

When researching frameworks for web components many different ones come up, but some common ones are VueJS, angular, StencilJS, and react. In this blog post I will be going over similarities between these frameworks and my opinion on them.


Within each package, there is a source directory that has JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to run the whole package. All of them share similar code because it is so widely used and accepted. Also, Angular and React have more dependencies, that make it easier for the user to get what they want, but it makes the download longer.

Easiest DX

I believe that the easiest DX to get going is react. All that is needed is a few commands in the users terminal window and the program is up and running. All of these frameworks are similar and it all comes down to personal preference and whatever the user has more experience with.

What would I use to build an app tomorrow?

If I had to start building an app tomorrow, I would want to use react to build it. React has a large community behind it compared to others so it is easy to find information on it. Also, my personal experience with it has been good and I have the most experience with it.

To see some simple examples of these boilerplates, check out this repo:
Tutorial for a Hello-World program:

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