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Tech wish

If I could build an app, website, or technology, I would want to build an app that could help bring education on any topic to anybody in the world. If someone wanted to learn what happened during the 1600s they could go to the website, or if they wanted to learn how to solve calculus problems they could go to the website.

Who and how

The website would be for anyone with a curious mind. There is a lot of gatekeeping around higher education and sometimes free ones are looked down upon. In the world of engineering, some engineers went to an Ivy League school, but work with someone on their team that learned from buying textbooks and free online resources. The only difference between those two people is that one paid a lot of money for a piece of paper and one had a curious mind and the discipline to do it on their own.

They would use it by searching a topic, and having a certified course/resource pop up that someone had created, teaching them the topic.

How I would use it

I would use it by assisting me with my passions and furthering my knowledge of certain aspects of technology. It would be information at peoples fingertips, without having to search through google for reputable sources and good information.

My passion

With the skills I have assembled and the interests I have gained along the way, the one thing I would like to do with my life would be to work in eSports/gaming. Ever since I have been a little kid I have played video games with my brother and it brought us closer together and I would like to make that possible for future generations.

Being able to be a part of something and help improve it with the skills and experience I have would be an opportunity of a lifetime and not a "Job".

As time goes on and as I work at a consulting company doing cybersecurity for medical devices, I start to want to help build something that is creative and people go to for an escape. For me, video games has always been that so why not try to make my escape the thing that provides for my family.

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