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Hello everyone! My name is Nick De Sanno and I am a senior at Penn State, majoring in IST with a focus in integration and application. I have a background in cyber security and IoMT which is a new and emerging field in the healthcare industry due to all of the cyber attacks in the past years.

Currently, I want to learn more about web development and specifically web components for multiple reasons. Researching web components I have found that it is still a new and emerging field which is very exciting for someone who likes to stay on top of new technologies, also it makes web development easier for people to get started. Web development can open up endless oppertunities especially when the a lot of the tools that have been cutting edge in the field are just now getting to become mainstream, giving new developers, like me, the opportunity to create something interesting.

With my very sort time researching and working with web development tools I can already tell that learning this field is going to be fun and exciting, because of all the innovations that are being made within the community. Getting a head start on a newly growing field and community like this is extremely advantageous to my career as someone who is a developer and is trying to grow their knowledge and get a good understanding in a lot of different fields.

I am excited to get started in my journey of learning how to become a web developer!

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