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Episode 13: Building a JSON API - Quickly Adding HTTPS

Nathan Bland
Software engineer, I love building things with node and javascript. If I'm not writing code, I'm probably outside doing something in the mountains or playing Rocket league
・1 min read

In this episode, we cover adding HTTPS using nginx with docker-compose to our api.

Thanks for watching!

Source code:

GitHub logo NathanBland / core

Repository for the "core" video series


An express.js powered json api built for the "core" series.

Getting started

$ git clone
$ cd core
$ docker-compose up

Discussion (2)

andresvanegas19 profile image

Soooooo good videos, I would like that at the end of your videos you make a review of what you did and review it but I saw a lot of tutorials and I feel this series of videos is soo good :) I hope you can make more videos like that

nathanbland profile image
Nathan Bland Author

πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ thank you for the kind words. A review/summary at the end is a good idea!