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Nathan Bland
Nathan Bland

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Episode 8: Building a JSON API - Custom Sorting

After a brief break, this series is back. This time we dive into making custom sort queries with express.

If you'd like, drop a comment with something else you'd like to see this series cover, or if you disagree with how I've demonstrated something. Thanks for watching!

Source code:

GitHub logo NathanBland / core

Repository for the "core" video series


An express.js powered json api built for the "core" series.

Getting started

$ git clone
$ cd core
$ docker-compose up

Top comments (2)

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Rifai Martin

where can I see, episode 1-7?

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Nathan Bland • Edited

Hey @academyyyy12 ! You can see it all right here, just hit the first button below the "series" header in the top of the post. If you would rather watch it directly on youtube, here is the link to the playlist: