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Windows Terminal - Get a default config

If you are using Windows Terminal and you want to have a default config open in a click, this is for you!

Windows Terminal exposes a command line with multiple parameters which allows you to do a lot of things easily!

Open Windows Terminal

Use the following command and a new window of Windows Terminal will be open.


Then you can add multiple options to open what you want.

Open 2 tabs

wt new-tab `; new-tab

Open a tab with a title

wt --title "K8s"

Open in fullscreen

wt -F

Open with focus

wt -f


And so on. Also, you can compile all that options to generate a personal quick launch terminal with multiple tabs, specific names...

For more information and options :

To have access to that terminal in one click, you have multiple options:

  • Create a bash file to execute that script
  • Create a shortcut where you call PowerShell with the command in parameter.

I hope it will help you!

Don't hesitate to give some feedback to help me to improve my writing skills. Thanks!

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