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Software performance testing - How to do it ? [3]

In the previous parts about Software Performance Testing, we saw what it is and why it's important to do it.

Today, we will start to talk about something more practical about performance testing : How to do it ?

1/ Before to do it

Normally, it's something which is done during the design, but be sure that all the apis you call can support your trafic in all the environment. Maybe some services don't have the same resources in non production to decrease costs.

So be sure, everything is ok with all the other services.

2/ Ways to do it

To do your performance testing, I precognize to first do a test of your service with mocks to only check your service, then do your test with all the other services.

Why? Just because if your service can't support the desired volume, it won't help anything to do it with all the other services.

If you are confident, you can directly do it with all the other services.

In both cases, if a bottleneck appears you will have to explore your logs and monitors to understand what happend.

3/ Testing

To test your api, the easiest way is to use a dedicated tool like JMeter or Gatling.

Both of this services are open-source and can be use with Java. If you know Scala, you can use Gatling using it.

Personally, I recommand Gatling. I used both of them. Gatling is really easy to use, to build scenarios and it uses less resources.

If you don't know these tools, you can check online there are a lot of tutorials to learn how to use it.



Then congrats! Your services are ready to go in production with lot more reliability! 🚀

I hope this mini-serie helped you! 🍺

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