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Last week I was DEV'ing from the Kentucky Horse Park!!!


I drove past there back in June. 👋 I DEV from Ohio.



From Barranquilla, Colombia 🇨🇴


It's been rainy these days but you could see the Magdalena river in the far left.


I don't have any dev swag... but I do have this in my back yard!

Space Needle in Seattle with the Blue Angels


I live in portland and i go up to seattle to see the blue angels as much as I can. I love it!


Super jealous after seeing some of the pictures on Twitter!!! Have fun!


It was an awesome conference!

Kicking myself for not submitting a talk or two!


I'm in Northwest Arkansas (Fayetteville/Bentonville area).

It's an incredibly well-hidden gem, don't move here. 🐖


Absolutely! I got the mug and T-shirt in the mail this week. LOVE THEM!


DEV’ing in Wiltshire, United Kingdom.

Photo is of Longleat House, approx 1 mile from my house

Alt text of image



A barge called Mary of Guise on the water in Leith, next to some cobbled streets

In direct contrast to the expected photos of Scottish places full of rolling hills and rain, this is outside my office (actually the boat is one of our offices but we don't tend to use it enough)

I think that's genuine Scottish litter on the water too, though it might be a swan.


Bangkok, Thailand. Been here for close to 6 years now. It's 1am, so pictures won't be great, but will add one tomorrow.


View from the office window, 19th floor. We're on the outer edge of the CBD, facing away from it. It's monsoon season, so it's hot, muggy and overcast.

view office window


Like most of this bizarre city. Around 6 years in and I still find it fascinating on an almost daily basis.


Elche, Alicante, Spain. Countryside, 4km away from the beach. Sounds idillic, I know. But internet connection sucks. Nothing to show right now. i wilk re answer when I am in a nicer place hehehe


I'm less than 1km away from the beach in Tarragona, Spain. Sounds idillic too, but internet connection is as bad or even worse. 2Mb ADSL like in early 2000. So I feel your pain!


I should feel lucky then. The internet providers can only provide max 12 MB wifi. So... it is affected by the weather, yes.


I'm going to Colombia next month! Can you take a picture so we can see what its like?!


BTW, I know you're coming to Colombia(with the other Ruby/Rails celebrities xD). I'm in talks with my company so they fly me to Medellin to RubyConf :D

Nice, enjoy! Sebastian (one of the co-organizers) was supposed to speak here at RubyConf Thailand, but unfortunately won't be able to make it.


SO NEAT!!! Can you take a picture so we can see what it's like?! I think it would be really awesome to have a thread showing all the awesome places we DEV from 🙂


Beautiful Portland Oregon the city of bridges
Alt text of image


SO NEAT!!! Can you take a picture so we can see what it's like?! I think it would be really awesome to have a thread showing all the awesome places we DEV from 🙂


I live in Amsterdam, so this is the view from AMS Central Station from the Movenpick Hotel Deck when I'm DEV'ing outside in the Office:

Travix Office

BUT this week I was DEV'ing from Berlin. Being under this tree in a park with 4g network was the best day

Berlin tree


Great pictures! I am going to Berlin for the first time ever in Nov, pretty excited about it!


It is a beautiful big city! Full of history. The food is GOOD, and the beers are AMAZING!

Enjoy your time there <3


I am dev'ing from my home office in Wrocław, Poland

Home office


DEVing from my home in Faisalabad, Pakistan 🙂

Aerial view of Faisalabad's clock tower and famous 8 Bazars around it. (Designed by the brits, designed after their flag "union jack" )
Faisalabad clock tower aerial view


That's so cool!!!! Can you take a picture? I want to see Zambia 😃


A picture out the window would be cool! Doesn't need to be anything fancy just to give everyone a little glimpse as to where you DEV from 🙂


I'm on vacation so right now I'm DEVing from our little cottage by a lake in the Swedish Lapland 🙂
picture by the lake


DEVing from San Diego, California

San Diego, California

This photo was taken at Coronado.


Beautiful Colorado. But open to opportunities in English/Spanish speaking areas, if anyone's got 'em! haha


No swag (yet), but the place is nice.

Kyiv, Ukraine!

Pic of me


Hi there from Cascais, Portugal. I'm 2km away from the beach. If not coding, you can find me there :)


DEV'ing in Varese, Italy.
Currently DEV'ing in vacation at my family in-law in Modi'in, Israel

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