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What Drives Your Daily Choices?

Have you ever stopped to question why you follow certain routines in your daily life? Share any insights or changes you've made to your "day-to-day" recently.

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Alex Lau

For personal projects like hobbyist coding or writing blog articles, I've been adopting the system of tackling whatever is most exciting to me on a given day. Yes, this does lead to some whiplash in terms of hopping back and forth between different tasks... but I've found that it helps me become more consistent which is the main goal I try to optimize for.

For work, I usually try to identify the "big rocks" (aka, what is the short list of things I'd need to get done to consider the day successful) at the beginning of the day and figure out how my day's schedule best works for that list. For example, if I have a 30 minute break between meetings, maybe I try to tackle some smaller code reviews during that time.

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Ryan Brown

How I believe I make decisions:

  1. rationally evaluate the pros/cons of each available option
  2. choose best option for maximal value

How I actually make decisions:

  2. Fore-brain: Oh crap, how am I going to explain this mess... OK same as always! Make something up!
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Monty Harper

I've been struggling with this lately. Since I'm not teaching anymore I do not have big chunks of programmed time to work around or externally motivated deadlines. So my day is entirely up to me and I tend to want to latch onto one thing (most likely the app I'm working on) and do it to death, to the detriment of everything else. It's not great for the one thing either. I know I work more efficiently when I take breaks so my brain can catch up with my fingers. I've been setting a timer lately just to get myself to switch tasks once in a while. The app I'm working on happens to be an organizer that will help me program my day/week and remind me what all I need to be working on. I know fancy to-do lists are a dime a dozen, but this one does exactly what I think will help me. So I keep telling myself just get the app done, then everything else will fall magically into place. Right?

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Sukhpinder Singh

Recently I made a change that instead of multitasking in everything together. I started giving fixed hours to debugging, coding, testing etc.

This helped me achieve a higher level of concentration and improve productivity.

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Stefan Moore

The future and making adjustments as I go. I'll never hit the 100% goal, but the goal is to strive for something better.

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Probably the fact that it's fun or inspiring...and fore sure that its makes exciting to me to make it happen.
It's the same of emotion I got when I was building LEGOs as a kid.

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Calin Baenen

Technological innovation.