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The Ultimate guide to starting an on-demand courier delivery business in South Africa

This is the ultimate guide to start an on-demand courier delivery app business in 2021.

You can start and manage on-demand businesses from anywhere around the world — like South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, the United States of America, etc.

If you want to learn,

  1. the steps to start an Uber for courier delivery business
  2. the Uber clone app development stages
  3. the features to consider for an MVP
  4. the technology to create an app
  5. and the cost of development.

Then, this will be the only guide you need.

Let’s get started.

What is an on-demand courier delivery business?

An on-demand courier delivery business [also known as Uber for couriers] is an online service that connects users who need to send the packages or couriers with the nearby delivery person.

This kind of business needs an on-demand platform to have both customers and delivery persons on board.

Is the courier delivery business profitable?

On-demand businesses are at their peak now.

And they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, the market revenue of the Couriers & Local Delivery Services industry in the U.S is $118.0bn in 2021.

That is a 4.7% increase when compared to previous years.

And it is expected to grow in the next five years.

Steps to start an on-demand courier delivery business

There are several steps to consider when starting an online business. This can guide you from market research to the launch of your business.

1. Pick your niche

Before getting started with your business, you need to understand and pick your niche.

A business niche is a specific area of a broader market that a business can target. This can help them stand apart from others in the market.

These are some of the courier delivery niches you can choose,

  • Local package delivery

  • Same day delivery

  • Uber-like courier delivery

2. Market study

Starting a business without conducting an effective market study will fail. The market study helps determine the basic needs of your target audience, their pain points and helps you create an effective solution.

3. Take care of the legal requirements

Before starting your business, you need to get your business license and a federal tax identification number.

Also, you need to determine the legal structure of your business like LLC, Sole proprietorship, Corporation, etc.

4. Create a platform to connect your customers with the delivery persons

Creating an on-demand courier delivery platform can be a bit tricky. But when you collaborate with the best on-demand app development company, then it would be a cakewalk.

5. Get users onboard

Now, it’s time to get customers and delivery personnel onboard. You can start by creating social media advertising, email marketing, local print media, etc.

You can also use referral programs to get more customers for your courier delivery platform.

These are the basic steps to start any on-demand business. The only trickiest job when starting an on-demand business is creating the platform.

Let’s discuss this further about starting an on-demand courier delivery business in South Africa

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