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How to create a replica of the Uber app using Flutter?

You made a great decision of creating a replica of Uber. Let me tell you why.

The on-demand economy is growing at a rapid pace. More and more entrepreneurs are starting their businesses with the on-demand economy in mind.

To make it more relatable, let’s see the best example of the recent success of an on-demand startup.

[You may have guessed.]

Yeah, I’m talking about the mighty Zomato.

They recently made it to the IPO, and their shares jumped as high as 82% during its market debut.

You may now know the craze behind the on-demand startups.

Want to join the club of successful entrepreneurs?

We offer the best replica of Uber and Ubereats applications that can help you start on-demand marketplaces.

What are the products we’re talking about?

Wooberly — an Uber app clone [or in your terms — a replica] helps you create an app like Uber at ease. It is a readymade product that you can white-label to suit your business brand.

[Even we offer FREE whitelabeling]

WooberlyEats is the brainchild of Wooberly. It helps entrepreneurs create an app like UberEats, Zomato, etc.

We built the products using the futuristic technology — Flutter. Flutter enhances the platform's capabilities and helps scale it when needed.

Due to its cross-platform nature, you can create both iOS and Android applications using a single codebase.

But what does it mean for an entrepreneur?

You can create an app at a much lower cost than creating an app using native technologies. And the app development time frame is also low so that you can launch your app faster into the market.

No pressure!

You can get a FREE demo and complete walkthrough of our product before making the purchase.

Why wait? Just get started.

How can you contact us?

  1. You can visit our product page by using the link attached.

  2. Or you can mail us at — and our support heroes will contact you sooner.

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How to start a business like Uber and make it successful?A complete guide on how to develop an app like Uber, to help kickstart your ride-sharing business venture!

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Charlie J Smotherman

And here I thought this was an article about coding a replica, but instead it is an article about purchasing a replica. Title is a little misleading.

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