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15 Best Uber-like Business Ideas For Aspiring Entrepreneurs [2021]

Hail, Uber!

Uber not only changed the way of our commute but encouraged billions of entrepreneurs to follow their business model.

Many Uber-inspired startups have been created all over the world, and people welcomed them.

Still, there's a demand among customers for various on-demand solutions to their day-to-day problems. [Like handyman services]

Here are some of the best Uber-like business ideas that you can consider when thinking of starting your own business.

15 Best Uber-like business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs

[I'm excited to share this list with you!]

Let's get started!

1. Uber for food delivery

As long as the era of humans exists, food sectors will continue to thrive. Food delivery is one of the best business ideas that comes to mind when we think of Uber.

There're already plenty of food delivery apps out there. But you can still succeed if you offer something different.

For example, you can go niche down by picking up food delivery business ideas like homemade food delivery, office food delivery, frozen foods delivery, etc.

2. Uber for handyman

People today have no time to fix or improve their houses. They often depend on the local handymen to do their work.

But they face the challenge of hiring a skilled handyman to fix the home repairs.

And they need the service instantly.

So, by offering a quality handyman service in an Uber-like business model, you can satisfy your customer needs.

Here's a guide that can help you get started.

3. Uber for house cleaning

Uber for house cleaning is as same as the handyman service business, which lets users book a maid or cleaning professional on-demand.

Heard of Handy? It offers both house cleaning and other handyman services on-demand.

House cleaning on-demand is one of the best and profitable Uber-like business ideas.

4. Uber for dog walking or pet care

When was the last time you took your dog for a walk?

We feel you. We all lost in time, and this lack of time has taken us apart from the ones we love.

So to overcome this, Uber-like business for dog walking and pet care came into existence.

When dog owner needs a caretaker, they can book one via the app.

5. Uber for groceries

How about you get your groceries and essentials without leaving home? This business does just the same.

People can order groceries as like food and get them delivered to their doorstep.

As a business owner, you can create a platform using readymade grocery app, that connects your local grocery shops, delivery persons, and customers.

Here's how it works,

  • The customers can order from your platform.
  • The delivery persons pick up the order from the respective local shop.
  • And deliver it to the customers' doorstep.

6. Uber for tow trucks

Think of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere due to a car breakdown?

Pretty messed up, right?

That's why Uber for tow trucks came into existence to help these kinda people.

People can get a towing service with a tap on their mobile phones. And the tow truck will reach them.

This is one of the best business ideas like Uber that you can try and be successful.

7. Uber for pickup trucks

Dolly - an Uber-like app for trucks, allows users to book pickup trucks on-demand.

And you won't believe me when I say Dolly is a million-dollar company.

Pick-up and delivery businesses are popular in the USA.

8. Uber for lawn care

This Uber-like business idea offers people an easy option to book a lawn cleaning service.

So what it does? The Uber for lawn care businesses uses an on-demand application that allows customers to book or schedule a service.

Recently, a Uber for lawn care startup 'GreenPal' extended their service to Charlotte, and they already set their foot in almost 200 markets nationwide.

You know what I'm gonna say about it. [Just start]

9. Uber for courier delivery

The market revenue of the Couriers & Local Delivery Services industry in the U.S is $118.0bn in 2021.

Courier delivery is one of the best delivery business ideas that you can consider.

You can start and manage on-demand businesses from anywhere around the world.

10. Uber for elderly/seniors

By 2030, one in every 5 Americans will be 65 or older. [Source: United States Census Bureau] And they love being independent.

Providing safer transportation services and options will make their lives easier.

There are not so many elderly ridesharing services out there. You could start one and provide safer riders for our grandparents.

11. Uber for doctors

Yet another caregiving service. Uber for doctors allows patients to get their medical services from the comfort of their homes.

This will be a great service for elderly persons who are not able to get medical assistance.

12. Uber for massage

Uber for massage delivers healthcare and massage services directly to customers' homes.

This app matches the professional massage therapists with the customers who need quality massages, whether at home, at work, or anywhere.

13. Uber for tutors

There are students who can't get quality education and instructors to guide them.

Uber for tutors app lets students screen tutors and schedule sessions with them.

As an entrepreneur, you can create an app that connects skilled tutors with students who are in need of quality education.

14. Uber for pharmacy

The pharmacy delivery app lets users get their medicines from a nearby medical shop and get them delivered to their doorstep.

You can start this Uber-like business by creating a platform that connects pharmacy shops, delivery persons, and customers.

15. Uber for Bike taxi

Bike or scooter taxis are picking up the heat now. This is one of the most suitable Uber-like business ideas that you get started with now.

You can offer multiple services like e-scooter services, bikes, and scooters for a ride.

Here's a complete guide that can help you with your taxi app development.

Such a longgg list, right?

But this is worth it.

Don't just take my word for it. Try out different business ideas and get on with your research before starting your business.

So how can you start one?

You can create an app like Uber either from scratch or using readymade Uber clone applications.

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