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How to market your hyperlocal on-demand business using Local SEO?

Every entrepreneur who is building a localized business struggles to create a strong locally induced online presence.

If my business is local why do I need an online presence?
This is one of the majorly asked questions.

Well, to answer it - people love ordering products or services online and getting them delivered to their doorstep. Though you have a hyperlocal business it is always efficient to have an online presence.

It creates awareness about your products or services, and people can look for you in the search engine even if they don’t belong in the particular neighborhood.

In this short blog, you’ll get to know how to run a successful hyperlocal on-demand business using Local SEO.

Let’s get started!

What is a hyper-local on-demand business?

The hyperlocal on-demand business is a marketplace business that supports the local vendors and producers to reach people within particular surroundings.

This delivery-based business can increase the local sales and create awareness about the locally produced goods or services to the people of the location.

What is Local SEO and how to implement it in your on-demand hyperlocal business?

Search engine optimization helps the businesses to be more visible and apparent to the local population which in turn increases brand awareness.

Note: Any kind of business that has a geographic location can benefit from local SEO.

These are some of the tips that’ll help you implement local SEO for your hyperlocal on-demand business;

  • Choose proper keywords according to your business niche, geographical location, and product or service.
  • Build a website that has all the information about your business.
  • Create a business email address and acquire other contact information related to your business.
  • Create a social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.
  • Create a Google My Business account to feed all this information, so your customers can find you online.

Check out this article that lists down 20 best SEO experts on LinkedIn that you can follow to learn more about SEO.

A short guide to using Google My Business:

Google My Business is one of the widely used tools to achieve local SEO.

Take a look at the step-by-step guide to start a GMB account and how to optimize it!

Step 1: Create a Gmail account for your business.

Step 2: Click here to create a profile for your business.

Step 3: Give your business name, business category, location, website, and other contact information.

Step 4: There are three verification processes - postcard, phone, and email verification. Pick one and go ahead.

[Voila! Your account is created. Now let’s make it more appealing!]

Step 5: Add photos and videos to your business listing.

Step 6: Write a short and catchy description for your business.

Step 7: Use Google My Business Q&A to understand your target audience.

Step 8: Use Google My Business Posts to show your promotions and offers.

Step 9: Request your valuable customers to ‘follow’ you on Google Maps.

Step 10: Manage the Reviews and Ratings of your business.

Things to remember when it comes to performing Local SEO for your on-demand hyperlocal business:

These are the major things to remember when it comes to Local SEO for your on-demand hyperlocal business.

Local Keywords:

Use the Google Keyword Planner to find appropriate keywords for your business based on the location. Understand the customer intent while looking for keywords. Include keywords in descriptions, your website, the alt text for your images, and more.

Local business address:

Mention the local location address and other contact information in the Google My Business listing. People who look for your products or services in your location can find and contact you easily.

The on-demand hyperlocal business helps local vendors and businesses to reach out to local customers.

But with the help of Local SEO, it is possible for those businesses to reach out to new potential customers who travel to the location and look for your business.

Make use of the available resources to the maximum extent to achieve a wholesome online presence for your business which ultimately induces sales.

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