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Mihai Bojin
Mihai Bojin

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Great web design as a software engineer with TailwindUI

Photo: TailwindUI logo

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I already mentioned in my previous post that I bought TailwindUI and never looked back.

Here's why...

After playing with a few Gatsby starters, the best design I could come up with was:


It worked but was highly simplistic and did not cater to a great user experience.

Adding TailwindUI to my Gatsby site was dead easy.

Once configured, all I had to do was decide which components to use to build my site. I settled on:

Since I respect my users' privacy, I also wanted to display a cookie consent form in a floating banner. If you're interested, you can read more about how I set up a cookie consent banner.

That's all, folks

Getting to a good-looking responsive web design was as simple as that! I would have never been able to get here so fast on my own, for which I am thrilled to have bought TailwindUI. Hiring someone to design my site from scratch would have cost way more (both money and time) than what I spent so far.

P.S.: Every site needs a logo

It's a known fact that most projects fail before a name is chosen or a logo is designed; at least, that's what happened to me on multiple occasions! Since this is my site, I didn't have a naming problem, but I did consider how to procure a logo. I have fallen prey to this problem in the past and decided for this project to not let myself make the same mistake again.

A quick search led me to After playing around with a few options, I landed on the one I'm currently using. It is not perfect, but it will do me well for a long time. Spending too much time on finding 'the perfect logo,' too early in the audience-building process, is time best spent elsewhere!

Once I had a logo, I also needed a favicon, for which I used Favicon Generator.

Thank you and see you next time!

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Shayan • Edited on

Hey, this is awesome! We also have purchased TailwindUI for our project CheckrideHQ and it has made it so much easier for us to iterate through ideas.

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Mihai Bojin Author

I think that's its superpower!

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