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Share the ️Love ️— What's your favorite #beginners post on DEV?

A few weeks back I wrote up a post called What's your favorite post on DEV? (by someone else!) and you all chimed into the conversation dropping so many links to excellent posts, plus some really kind words for the authors that created those posts.

So, I thought we might as well try this again. 😀

This time, I'm curious to know...

What's your favorite post shared under #beginners?


"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -Chinese Proverb

Note: you can embed a post into a comment by writing:

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Please consider giving the author an @mention when ya share their work. It's probably gonna make them feel good and I think we can all appreciate that. 🙌

So, go find whatever #beginners post you'd like to highlight and share the love! ❤️

Discussion (3)

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Peter Kim Frank

This post from @damcosset really helped spur forward a few "eureka" moments on concepts I had otherwise only sort of understood.

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Michael Tharrington Author • Edited on

I'm a big fan of @sobolevn's post here:

It's really refreshing to hear someone openly talk about their imperfections... but not only that, to actually embrace their imperfections and even use them to their advantage! There's a lot of helpful guidance to be gleaned from this post and the humble attitude and self awareness really makes it all a joy to read through.

I also really dig @erikaheidi's article:

First off, 3D printing is a topic that I find fascinating! I also don't know all that much about how it works, so this introduction was informative and entertaining to me. If I ever get ambitious enough to buy a 3D printer, I'll be going straight to this article for guidance on everything.

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Ben Halpern

Honestly, posts like this are extremely helpful for beginners:

Being confident in file structure decisions is surprisingly hard (at least for me), and I always value when someone comes along the offer advice like this.