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LGTM Devlog 37: Sprint 4 Retrospective

Short sprint! And we got a lot done!

End of sprint


The refactoring done last sprint paid of, justifying the extra time it took and missed targets. I was able to very quickly code up the first quest and pull together the profiles.

Not only was the code to post issues from characters done, I also pulled forward detecting comments from users, which wasn't in the original plan for this sprint. Meaning we're actually ready for the first phase of content generation, rather than having to wait another sprint. It also enabled some items of technical debt to be cleaned up - tests are no longer done on the prod data, for example, meaning I run less risk of clobbering player data.

All in all, we're in a really good place, and overall the whole project is going faster than I had anticipated, it might not even take the whole of 2021 to get it released!

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