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How is it to become a self taught developer


Hey there guys I am Meet and I am from India.

Here in Dev Community, technically it will be my first post.
I would like to talk about:

  1. Experiences of being a self-taught developer.
  2. Its benefits.
  3. Its drawbacks.
  4. At last I will share some valuable resources to get started with the journey.

So let's begin.


I responded to and analyzed the annual survey by Stack Overflow. According to the stack overflow survey 2022 results Learning to code online increased from 60% to 70% year over year.

In general, people are using many online resources to learn to code, regardless of whether they are in college/university or not.

My Experiences

I come under the self taught developer gang. 😅😎

I started to learn to code back in 2020 definitely a tough time for everyone around the world.

Initially, I didn't know what to do so I started with YouTube tutorials in C language. I didn't find C language much beginner friendly ( I haven't learnt that language yet😅 ).

Eventually, I found this site called Freecodecamp [FCC]. Where I started with the curriculum they recommended, without thinking much about it.

Slowly and Steadily, I completed the first certification (Responsive Web Designing [HTML, CSS]) and moved on to the next course which was about JavaScript where I learned a lot. Once that was completed. I began researching what to do next. and I got to know that something called React is becoming very popular.

I wanted to learn Reactjs but I lost track. Why??
well! maybe cuz I had no one to report my progress to or maybe cuz I faced errors and I had no one to share it with(there are lots of communities but still if there is a mate beside you it make a huge difference) so I left the project/challenge there and dived into web-series and gaming, procrastinating a whole day.

I lost the consistency back then. I did reach to the intermediate level in Reactjs, that was only possible just because I used to reward myself if was able to complete the daily task ( I call it daily mission sounds more fun yeah? 😄😅 )

Every night before sleep I used to set the tasks (mission) and just take a glimpse of it the next morning.

What did I reward myself with?? 🤔

The greater the difficulty of the task (mission), the better the reward will be.

I used to reward myself with:

  • Watching 2 to 3 full episodes of on going web series.
  • Gaming for specific amount of time (amount is not disclosed cuz it was high I think [2-3 hrs.] I am lying probably 😆😅).
  • Hanging out with friends/family.

Rewards & Rules can both be set by you and following them is your choice at the end of the day and that's why discipline is very important.

I'm now concerned about the article's length 😅. Thus, it would be better if the next article covered the rest of the part. Dev Community won't say no to that [hehehe 🤗🙂]

Stay tuned for the next article.
Stay happy, Keep your surroundings clean,
Signing off Meet Bhalodiya,

Peace ✌

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qavsdev profile image

Hi Meet!

Would you say that a book, a game or a series you really like is too long? No, you can't get enough of it. You always want more.

Don't worry about the article being too long. If you provide useful or interesting content, it can never be too much.

Keep on coding and writing!

meetbhalodiya profile image
b-meet Author

Hey Thanks for your feedback 😉😀. I would say that at the end of the day its your mindset that drives you towards the destination 😊.

geesilu profile image
Luthira Geesilu

Great post

meetbhalodiya profile image
b-meet Author

Glad you liked that.

samuelrivaldo profile image

Thanks 🙏

meetbhalodiya profile image
b-meet Author

You guys/gals can give me feedback about the size of article. I think its long what you think about it?

migmanu profile image
José Manuel Migoya Bussolotti

The length is ok. Maybe you could include some form of conclusion at the end. Also, breaking it into better defined subtitles might make it more readable.

meetbhalodiya profile image
b-meet Author

Hey thanks for the feedback. I would do better next time 😎🙂

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