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Game Art using Blender

Prior to this mini personal project, I have only touched SketchUp for a 3D modelling software. I had to learn Blender. Endless tutorial videos (YT : Grant Abbit) and some "hands-on" practice. Even after all this, it was a little overwhelming to learn Blender as a beginner. I decided to stream my learning journey in Twitch and was able to meet like-minded people. I love learning from people. I organized a discord hangout where everyone in the community were welcome to use Blender together while in the voice channel.

Initial kitchen 3D environment. I wanted to make it simple and straightforward. The player will navigate the kitchen area making food for the zombie customers. During the mini games, player will be in the dining area facing the game's variety of challenges.

Top-down view of the models. The food models are inspired from the rough sketch that I made from the concept stage.
insert sexy food shots

  • Finger Fries
  • Bloody Mary
  • Brain Patty Burger
  • Innards Stew
  • Eyeball Pasta rop

Bosses' Character Rigs. These bosses weren't originally part of the concept but later on added as part of the mini-games. Each mini-game is themed by the type of bosses.

  • Disco Zombie Boss
  • Big Bootie Zombie Boss
  • Overfed Zombie Boss
  • Nightmare Zombie Boss boss

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I miss those Discord Blender hangouts! :D