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Azure Functions Tips: disable a function through configuration

You can disable an Azure Function in a Function App using Azure portal.

If you open the Function App in the portal, you can find the Functions blade and clicking on it, you have the list of your functions and can disable or enable each of them (using the ellipsis menΓΉ on the right).

The ellipsis menΓΉ to disable an Azure Function

You can also control the enabling or disabling of a function by changing the app settings of the function app.
In particular, you can add the following configuration key in the app settings:

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where <FunctionName> is the name of the function and the value is true (or 1) to disable the function or false (or 0) to enable it.

The function app settings

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Emanuele Bartolesi

I didn't know that.
Thanks for sharing.

I like this series.

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Massimo Bonanni

Thanks my friend, happy that these tips can help someone!!!