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Book Review: Azure Cloud Adoption Framework Handbook

The Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) provides a structured approach for organizations moving to Azure, ensuring alignment with business objectives, offering best practices, governance models and actionable guidance when adopting Azure.
Using CAF minimizes risk, optimizes costs, and lays the foundation for successful cloud adoption and management. But it is important to know it well and understand the concepts proposed in it in depth.

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This book is an excellent manual for understanding what CAF is and how to use it.
The importance of the cloud and its correct adoption are the contents of the first section of the book, very useful for those who need to understand "why" to use the CAF. In particular, I found the scenarios in chapter 2, relating to the strategy for using the CAF, useful.

The strategy, when you decide to "adopt" a cloud solution, is fundamental and a strategy without a plan is useless.
The second part of the book is precisely focused on this: planning the move to the cloud, migrating your solutions and innovating by becoming "cloud native". In my opinion, chapters 4 and 5 are among the most important of the book because they are the essence of the cloud approach strategy: moving towards the cloud is a journey and migration is only the first step, not the target. All this is very clear in these chapters.

Finally, in the third part of the book, we find excellent references to Well-Architected Framework, as it rightly must be when we arrive at a "cloud native" approach and need to manage our environments.
I really liked the closing chapter which contains a summary of the various topics previously addressed, a sort of very well done summary of the book.

The book has less than 200 pages and is a smooth read. It is a handbook, and as such it should be considered: it explains the concepts precisely so that they are clear, then it is up to the reader, if he wants, to use the official documentation to go and split the bit on the specific aspect.

For me very well done and worth reading if your role is to make decisions on Azure adoption.

The page of the book on Packt website

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