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Book Review: FinOps Handbook for Microsoft Azure

"FinOps Handbook for Microsoft Azure" by Maulik Soni is an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to understand and master the art of financial management in the cloud. Structured in three parts and encompassing 13 chapters, this manual offers a comprehensive and accessible coverage of the FinOps discipline, particularly as applied to the Microsoft Azure environment.

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The first section of the book is dedicated to an overview of the tools and guidelines for cost management in Azure. Particularly noteworthy is the attention given to the cost assessment of the Well-Architected Framework, an analysis that readers will certainly find beneficial.

The second part, focused on cost optimization, stands out thanks to a detailed analysis of the top 10 targets for optimization. Soni tackles the subject with a very practical and useful approach, providing the reader with a valuable set of operational tools.

The third section of the book deals with cost optimization based on monitoring metrics, a concept known as Metric Driven Cost Optimization. This operational approach contributes to enriching the panorama of the FinOps discipline.

Each part concludes with a case study. Despite their simplicity, these case studies prove to be extremely useful for concretizing the previously discussed theoretical concepts, providing a helpful example of practical application.

Even though the subject matter may seem complex, "FinOps Handbook for Microsoft Azure" by Soni is surprisingly light and readable. It is an extremely useful text for both newcomers and seasoned FinOps professionals, who can consolidate and enrich their knowledge. The author's ability to simplify complex concepts without losing their essence is a strength of this manual, making Soni's work an essential reference in the field of cloud financial management.

When you work with Cloud technologies (no matter what cloud you are using), the cost is one of the thing you need to take care! Managing costs in the right way can be the winner weapon!!

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jasicarose75 • Edited

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FinOps Handbook for Microsoft Azure for me too.