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Top 10 Web Application Security Solutions

A web application security solution that aims to protect companies from any attempt to exploit code vulnerabilities in their applications.

Let's take a look at the top 10 solutions to secure web applications and keep your business running.


With Cloudflare's intuitive interface, users can quickly identify and investigate security risks, stopping any potential cyber threats.

Its custom firewall rules protect your website and APIs from malicious traffic, while the activity log helps you fine-tune your security settings.

Also, monitor and prevent the use of stolen or exposed credentials that could allow attackers to access your accounts. Cloudflare's offerings also include a web application firewall and DDoS protection.

Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81's Zero Trust Application Access provides fully audited access to on-premises cloud environments, applications and web services, improving their security and monitoring.

After the user logs in, it will list all the apps they have access to. You can assign them different levels of access depending on their role. In addition, Perimeter 81 also encrypts all stored information and filters outbound traffic.


Founded by the same team behind the popular NordVPN, NordPass is a trusted security solution for web applications.

If you want to know if your company's confidential information has been compromised, NordPass for Business's data breach scanner will help you identify any information leaks. In addition, its password health feature helps prevent security threats by detecting weak, reused, or obsolete passwords in the enterprise.


StackHawk scans your applications, services, and APIs for security vulnerabilities in open source code or components. It is highly efficient in finding and fixing bugs, allowing developers on your team to reproduce the issue causing the vulnerability by simply copying the cURL command.

The tool is built on top of the most widely used application security scanner, ZAP, and features enterprise clients such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Github Actions.

Forcepoint ONE

If you are looking for an all-in-one cybersecurity solution, ForcePoint One is a great choice.

With fully integrated encryption, it provides the highest level of security for both managed and unmanaged applications. In addition, Forcepoint ONE also provides zero-day threat detection during uploads, downloads, and even when data is at rest. Other security features include data leak prevention and malware protection.


Barracuda Cloud Application Protection protects your applications against a variety of threats by combining comprehensive WAF capabilities with advanced security services and solutions. In addition to web application protection, Barracuda also provides solutions to secure your email, data, and network.

By using one of Barracuda's WAF solutions, you gain free access to Barracuda's Vulnerability Manager functionality. It scans your web applications for security vulnerabilities such as HTML insertion, malicious code, cross-site scripts, and sensitive data leaks.

You will get a full report with security analysis of your web application as well as advice to better protect it.


Rapid7 security solutions use intelligent automation to identify vulnerabilities, detect malicious activity, and investigate and prevent attacks.

With contextual threat analysis, Rapid7 streamlines compliance and risk management to provide rapid and comprehensive data collection on users, assets, and networks.


WhiteHat Security is built on a powerful and scalable cloud-based SaaS architecture. It offers security protection that includes software composition analytics and automatic API protection and monitoring.

In addition, WhiteHat is a great option if you are looking for a web application security solution that streamlines workflows and automates application security throughout the entire software development lifecycle.


Developed using behavioral machine learning, Netaceas multi-tiered Bot Detection` and Account Takeover Prevention solutions help identify and stop automated attacks that can cause severe damage to your business.

Netaceas Intent Analytics` prevents non-human and malicious traffic from compromising websites and applications efficiently and accurately.


From email security issues to application failures, Mimecast offers a cloud-based platform that can handle it all. Using its automated services, identify all threats and malicious activities and protect your web applications.

Mimecast also simplifies data handling with compliance guidelines.

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Max F. Findel

Thanks for the extensive list MakendranG. After reading the list, it feels a bit out of reach for me. As a software engineer I find it difficult to decide which platforms to try, what can be implemented and what could bring the most benefits.
Have you checked this roadmap by cloudflare? I think it's a more effective approach as it lists the steps to take and the complexity.
If you mix your extensive list and reaserch with that roadmap you could get a great guide or even ebook 😁

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MakendranG Author • Edited on

Thanks @maxfindel

Will take the valuable comments and update.

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Zamir Anjum

great info... a couple of them i never knew before . good sharing MakendranG.

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MakendranG Author

Thanks @zamiranjum