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Introduction to Devtron

One of the hottest keywords in the DevOps space is AppOps. As the DevOps ecosystem matures, the focus shifts from automation and continuous delivery to enriching the developer experience.

AppOps takes an application-centric approach that enables developers to use self-service tools to build, deploy, and operate their applications on the latest cloud-native platforms.

Over the past few years, we've seen a variety of great open source tools to reach some of this goal, creating a seamless experience that spans CI / CD, security, cost management, and observability.

Overview of Devtron

Devtron is an open-source tool that pulls together a number of popular components such as ArgoCD, Clair, external secrets, and minio to bootstrap a fully managed application delivery platform on Kubernetes.

Underneath the hood, it leverages GitOps principles to create sample CI/CD pipelines, integrated with security scanning and observability tools via a slick application dashboard.

For teams looking to adopt Kubernetes at scale, Devtron offers a quick way to provide developers and platform teams a way to onboard their applications onto Kubernetes without having to fumble with various YAML files and piecing together complex tools.

Devtron's Advantages

  • Devtron makes some unique design decisions about what your cloud-native application delivery workflow will look like.
  • It comes with preconfigured templates for automating the construction, publishing, scanning, and deployment of Docker processes using several built-in guardrails.
  • This is ideal for teams struggling to manage all Kubernetes tools or wanting to adopt a Kubernetes workflow with minimal overhead.
  • The console makes it easy for both developers and DevOps teams to repeatedly onboard new applications.

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