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Magento 2 Size Chart Extension by MageAnts

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Make your website more user-friendly and customer-centric by equipping it with a magento 2 size chart extension. Assist your customers to choose the correct sizes for products like shoes, clothes, accessories, etc.

Key Features

Use size chart display with size chart adviser to help customer to select size for product.
This is a very efficient extension. It helps e-com sellers to include a size adviser in the form of a size chart on their website. The customers can use it to select the appropriate sizes for buying clothes, footwear, jewellery, accessories, etc.

Size chart as an image or use content for Size Chart display.
This Mageants extension promises to work according to your requirements. That is the reason why our extension enables you to choose if size chart display would be as an image or in the form of content.

Display inline or in pop-up.
Our highly customizable extension also allows you to select between an inline display of a pop-up. Whichever mode you choose, would be used to display the size chart with the product.

Set icon for size chart link.
With our extension, you can custom choose an icon. This icon would be placed on the product view page. The customers can access the size chart link upon clicking this icon selected you.

Size chart has product, category and rule filter to display in front-end.
We have designed this extension with a focus on making it user-friendly. We have ensured that the design is such that the customers can easily access the necessary information. That is why, we have enabled product, category and rule filter to display size chart in the front-end.

Define size standards and dimension for size adviser to calculate size as per customer measurement.
This extension helps you ensure utmost accuracy. That is why our size adviser allows you to define the size standards and dimensions. Our extension uses this information to calculate size as per customer measurement.

Size adviser, Size Standard, Size Dimension, and Size Chart management.
This extension is a comprehensive tool which includes all necessary features. Our extension works efficiently for size adviser, size standard, size dimension and size chart management.

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