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MageAnts Magento 2 Infinite Scroll Extension

For those ecommerce store owners who have a never-ending list of products to show it to the customers, Magento 2 infinite scroll extension can benefit them by making the scrolling task easy for customers. Using this extension, you can make the product-catalog browsing experience for them.

Key Features

Automatically load the next page of the product
End the wait of your customers to view your products by enhancing their browsing experience with the help of ajax scroll in Magento 2 extension.
Set the page loading type as well as the path and make your products load on its own without irritating the users.

Customizable buttons
This perfect extension offers you the freedom to configure the buttons as you need.
You can set the text for the loading buttons, e.g. Load next, Load more and even set the display colour of buttons of your choice. You can also display the page numbers on the info bar using Magento 2 ajax pagination function from the extension.

Set the style of product loading
How you want your products to be displayed? In a group, in a grid or in a list, you can set as you desire.
Magento 2 ajax product loading function,provides you with divisions where you can products and make your store look organised.

Display information on the info bar
If you want to display an Info Bar to the users, enable it first on your extension and display the page numbers on it to the users so they can know on which page they are while exploring your automatically loading products.
You can configure its position on the page as well as its style by entering the CSS codes of your choice.

Easy and better navigation
Give your user proper information and navigation buttons like the one where they can instantly move to the next page by clicking the next button or move to the top at the very moment with the help of move to the top button.

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