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MageAnts Magento 2 Pre Order Extension

The phrase 'out of stock' is a loss for both a customer as well as a store owner because the customer won't get the desired product and the owner will lose a potential buyer due to the unavailability of the product. Well, not anymore, Magento 2 Pre Order Extension allows customers to pre-order or backorder their favourite product, either out of stock or upcoming, in advance.

Key Features

Order out of stock and even upcoming products
When a particular product is out of stock, customers look out for other options. But this extension will allow them to buy products that are temporarily out of stock or coming soon.

The admin can set which out of stock products to be made available for pre-order as well as restrict the mixing of regular and pre-order products in the cart.

Customizable buttons
Pre-order in Magento 2 allows the admin to configure the Add to Cart button into Pre-Order button on both category and product pages.

Store owners can also customize the notes or texts of pre-order products, informing the customers why that particular product is a pre-order item. Even a warning message can be set in shopping cart and order information page that will let the customers know that the product is temporarily unavailable but their product has the pre-order option which they can benefit from.

It also displays the product availability date and sends alert to the customers about their pre-order products.

Order information page
Magento 2 pre-order module shows the complete list of pre-ordered items on the store altogether which makes it easy for the admin to keep a track of it.

The admin can also configure the current order status of pre-ordered items to keep the customer informed.

Allows to pre-order configurable, grouped and bundle products
Magento 2 pre-order enables its customers to pre-order configurable, grouped and even bundled products. But only out of stock configuration will be marked as pre-order; rest of the product combinations are eligible to be sold normally.

If in any case, one of the items in a bundle or a group is currently available only for pre-order, the customer will get the corresponding notification.

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