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Magento 2 Custom Order Number Extension By MageAnts

The Magento 2 Custom Order Number serves as a very useful extension that helps to customize the numbering of various documents relating to sales order processing of the store, shipment, invoice and credit memo numbers. You can set up custom numbers for all of these using different values as prefixes, suffixes, counters, date variables, random number or even the store ID. The use of this extension will establish an effective document numbering practise and help you in managing the order database with ease, contributing to better order accuracy and efficient order fulfilment.

Key Features

Set up a unique format for order number as per your want
The extension allows you to set up any specific format to create custom order number with the use of letters and numbers.
It also provides you with options to use specific variables to get custom order number such as counters, date, month, year and even store ID.
You are free to add in your custom order prefix or suffix values and get a order number of your choice.

Configure the counter variable
The {counter} is a number variable which helps you in determining the starting number from where the counter will start counting. It helps you with setting up incremental values for counters and the length of the counter number.
It gives you the choice of resetting the counter variable manually or automatically that too periodically on daily, monthly or yearly basis.
You can create a strong impression over customers for the popularity of your products by changing the starting order number to a greater value, increasing order ID values by incremental counters etc.

Customize Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memo IDs
The extension provides you with multiple options to configure the invoice, shipment and credit memo document IDs too. As a first option you can decide whether to have the same number format for above said three documents as the order number with just a small part of the format being changed. For instance, the change of order prefix in the invoice document with a new prefix value.
Second option allows you the freedom to not have the document numbering same as order numbers and completely customize it to a newer format.

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