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MageAnts Magento 2 RMA Extension

MageAnts Magento 2 RMA extension helps your customers to request returns for the products they are not satisfied with while it helps you to manage all these return requests. Thus, it adds a crucial e-com feature to your website which is otherwise not provided by Magento.

Key Features
Great flexibility in setting Milestones and Conditions for returns
In order to ensure that you won’t have to incur any losses due to the returns, you as a seller need to set some rules, regulation, milestones and conditions for the returns. This extension provides you with optimum flexibility to do that. You can easily set all the conditions according to your company policy.

Powerful return management tool to create multiple RMA requests.
If you have this extension enabled, your customers can easily place multiple return requests on your website. For example, they have a lot of items in their cart and a few of them are not up to the mark, they can choose all the items that need to be returned with this extension.

RMA requests per item
The extension also enables customers to place RMA requests for individual items of a cart instead of multiple items.

Backend configuration for properties like Reasons, Package Conditions,Resolutions,Delivery Status and RMA Status.
When a customer places a return request, there is a certain reason why they are not satisfied with the product. The extension helps you gather this information from the customers by allowing you to edit backend configurations. You can also manage other things like the package conditions, resolutions, delivery status, RMA status, etc. all from the backend.

Return reason and request management
As a seller, you need to manage the return requests and also understand the flaws due to which your customers are returning the products. Our extension helps you manage both of these things very conveniently from the backend.

Email Template configuration for RMA.
When the return requests of customers are confirmed, you need to send them a confirmation email. Our extension allows you to configure the template for this email according to your requirements. Thus, you can be sure that the right message is sent to the customers according to your preference.

RMA comment for admin and customer.
Apart from the e-mail, our extension also allows a different mode of communication for the RMA requests. The admin, as well as the customers, are allowed to add a comment so that the other party knows the issues.

RMA Policy configuration from the backend.
The return policy that you need to specify for the returns placed on your website can also be configured from the backend of our MageAnts Magento 2 RMA.

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