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Mik Seljamaa 🇪🇪
Mik Seljamaa 🇪🇪

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First Week of Figures is In

Mental Health issues do not go away when the Mental Health Week subsides and when the related hackathons are finished.

1) Data - which I am gathering on a daily basis
2) Statistical insights
Perhaps in a year or so I might look into Machine learning to uncover some additional insights

If it is the form of assessment and self review which is something I can sustain consistently then perhaps I could find some alleviation of symptoms or an improvement in the quality of life and personal care at least.

I am getting the idea that some figures tend to form waves in trends while others seem to be constant.
I need to look at these qualitatively.

At another experiment that I could run on this data is focusing on the high figures which I would invert to positive skills which I might be able to learn, such educational practices to build my brain and develop habits and skills would grant me several advantages for recovery or improvement in quality of life.

If you would like to participate or know of someone who could be suffering from mental health issues then please let them know of this harbinger of project aiming to provide data for machine learning in order to get insights into our daily habits, thought patterns, heart status and personal PANSS assessments, etc.
please let me know!

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