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Getting out of My Mental Mess

I have discovered Caroline Leaf and her framework for self studying for recovery from various mental, behavioral messes like addictions, mental disorders, anxiety, depression.

She calls this system Neurocycle and it sounds very promising.

She has worked on trauma patients and brain injury patients and has reported wild success and paradigm shifts in neurology, she is a published psychiatrist and a neurologist.

I would love to use her framework to gather data about my own sugar and sweet addiction and some issues from childhood.

Also it would be amazing to get to normalcy in terms of my daily productivity and the mundanity of normal and low output due to procrastination.
Since it is possible I find it very easy to indulge in fantasies about superpowers of intelligence.

Also I need to work on decision making and I found out about the OODA loop from business management and self development. I hope that faster and more fitting decisions could enhance my productivity a lot.
Decision making is part of cognitive skills so intelligence building in the form of Dr. Caroline Leafs framework of mind management seems like a good path to take.

Perhaps I could learn her techniques while applying metalearning skills that I also want to develop and improve at.

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