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Journey out of Avolition

I have this schizophrenia thing and it means there are times when I do not get any will, energy, motivation, spark or initiative, not an inkling of one, to get myself to enjoy and put action into my hobbies, works, art, music...
It could be related to flat affect and lack of enjoyment.
It seems to be related to how much I get myself going by Starting Up with a morning routine, but there seem to be other factors.
So I am determined to find a route out of it.

So of course putting together a grand plan, I think writing a blog every morning and then moving into the 1000 words-per-day mark. That does not seem too daunting, as a 1000 words are only three pages in a book!

I am already fantasizing about the potential for a 100 days of blogging hashtag and a 100 day streak sticker...
That does seem too big to comprehend in one go.
If I can do it, it would be soooo amazing an achievement.

Everything seems to be against it. Especially the avolition part in my life.

Not only that! It is not the only project that I am getting myself into.

There is the undercurrent of peace games. That is always undergoing. I also make board games.

AND now I am getting into the Journey I wanted to talk about...

I got into a conference call with Vivienne Ming and I got the inspiration to start looking for other people who have schizophrenia and want to research their condition with machine learning.

Because I am not great at finding people for any group I need to find a person who is interested and hopefully is an extrovert. That could lead us to get data from regular questionnaire filling to the gather data.

If you know of anyone who might fit this role drop me a note.

I am hoping that Vivienne Ming, PhD, would study the data that this potential group would gather.

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