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Devlog #03 - Final day from My First Game Jam Winter 2020 - from 29/01 to 08/02

luturol profile image Rafael Ahrons ・2 min read

You can read this in my personal blog

Finally released my first game

It's finished? No, it is not. It is cool? You good damn right (at least I enjoyed making and playing the microgame).

What happend

The game jam was tough. I've learned a lot and got passionate with game dev. It's my first game that I made by myself. The result of the game jam isn't that good, but I'm proud of it.

In the middle of the jam I got sick and couldn't code till I get bether, so for some days I didn't code at all :(

The final days was insane. I've code a lot and try to fix some bugs, but in programming code = new bugs.

First, let's get to the results. You can play Survive the night on itch.

What the game has:

  • A player with animations for: running, idle and attack.
  • A monster (Treant) with animations for: running, iddle and death.
  • Pathfinder for the Treant can find and run to the Player
  • Health bar for the Treant.

The game is simple for now. If you kill the treant, the game ends.

I got so happy with the results that even when it's finished I started coding to improve the game.

Player running from Treant and after that fighting against it

The next features that I want is:

  • Spawn for Treants
  • Adjust the ground layout. Because it doesn't fit the collor pallet and doesn't look natural.
  • Add a combat system for the Treants
  • Maybe add more creatures, but this would be made by me
  • Add a bonfire
  • Add light to the bonfire
  • Logo for the Survive the night
  • End screen when you win or loose.
  • Intial start game screen with the main character and the bonfire just vibing

This the features that I want to add for the next release.

Don't forget to eat clean and drink water.

Peace!! ✌️


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